10 Q+A – Get to know me!

So it’s almost 4 o’clock in the morning, I can’t sleep and I won’t sleep ’til I’ve this done! I was nominated by ElishaJayne to answer to 10 questions (thank you very much for taking my sleep away! Kidding), and I’ll do it because I think it will be fun! And this way, you can get to know me better! Win win everyone! Well, without further delay, let’s do this thing. Continue reading

Kiko Face Makeup Review

Since Kiko arrived in Portugal, it became almost an obsession of mine. I’ve tried a lot of their products, and most of the times I was more than satisfied with the results.

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Kiko’s an italian makeup brand, with affordable prices, but with a better quality than your normal drugstore products, (they promise you professional quality). So I will review all their products that I’ve already tried. Let’s go people! Continue reading

My Dry Shampoo Review

Ok, so you have to know that a great part of my life is my hair. Not because I have a beautiful, full, thick and voluminous hair. Quite the contrary. I have thin, flat, oily in the roots and dry in the tips, hair. The worst type of hair. It’s so thin that I am very much afraid that some day I will get bald spots! So I try a lot of products and spend a lot of money in haircare items. I mean shampoos, primers, volume sprays, etc. And I have some great ones to share with you. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions

So 2016 it’s starting. Everyone is starting a new diet, promising to be a better person, enjoying the sales, bla bla bla.Thats not my thing, I was always a little bit cynical, but this year I’m starting with a more positive mindset, experimenting new things and stuff. The first thing is done, wich was starting a blog, so maybe this is going to be a good year. Continue reading