New Year’s Resolutions

So 2016 it’s starting. Everyone is starting a new diet, promising to be a better person, enjoying the sales, bla bla bla.Thats not my thing, I was always a little bit cynical, but this year I’m starting with a more positive mindset, experimenting new things and stuff. The first thing is done, wich was starting a blog, so maybe this is going to be a good year.

With this said, I’m going to do a list, and once this is out there maybe it will help me stick to my goals!

So my first goal is to loose weight! And bear in mind that this is a easy goal, so I won’t acomplish this only if I don’t want it. I only want to loose 6 kg, wich is 13 lb. I have an entire year to do this (although it would be nice to be fit in Summer) so it’s time to start doing something and not be a total sloth!

Second, I want to finish my Art History degree. I study and work currently, so it’s a little complicated to manage everything, but with comitment I will do it. This leads me to another goal, wich is NEVER skip classes. I know this will not happen, but hope is the last one to die!

Third, not spend my money in stupid things. Seriously, I spend my money in the most ridiculous things, and it needs to stop. NOW.

This are my main goals. Of course I have more, but its more dreams than goals, like getting my drivers license, eating healthy, (being healthy in general), going to the gym, have my wax done all the time, but none of this is going to happen, so I will be less demanding.

The truth is I’m pretty satisfied with my life right now, so I’ll try to keep it simple and attainable.

Well this are my New Years Resolutions, and now that I’ve put them here this will be my motivation! Wish me luck!

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