Sheinside (Shein) Review

Hello! So for my first review I’m going to talk about Sheinside. I’ve been checking this site so much that I decided to purchase some things to see how is the quality, if it’s trusting, etc. This is not one of the cheapest sites online, so I tried to purchase something that I knew it couldn’t fail.

I ordered two items, although I wanted to order much more! They have some great stuff, but as I said it’s not the cheapest site. I ordered a pink coat and a green army ripped sweater.


So first the good things! This is the coat I ordered, and it’s just as it showed on the site. It’s just perfect and I fell in love as soon as I received it! It’s warm enough for the winter where I live (Lisbon, Portugal), it’s well made and nice quality. The fit is perfect, although a bit long, but I’m rather short. I ordered the m size, I usually go for the s, but the other reviews said it was too tight since it’s asian sizes, so I ordered up and no regrets!

About the sweater, it couldn’t have been a bigger disapoitment. I must say it’s my own fault, I ordered it and it didn’t have any review. I guess I thought “It’s a simple sweater, how could it fail?!”. Believe me, it failed. It’s gigantic! The sweater is too big for me, it’s more of a dress, but it’s so large that it doesn’t fit me well. It’s so unflatering, I don’t know what to do with it. I guess I will have to be creative!

So on one note, it was a positive experience, since I love my coat, it was seriously the best buy this winter. On the other side, I was so disapointed with the sweater… I have some mixed feelings.

Here are some photos of the items. As you can see the sweater is just too baggy. As a small girl there’s not much that I can do to make it work unfortunately.

Although the sweater experience, I’m considering buying there again, they have some great stuff at inviting prices, and I couldn’t be happier with my coat. I’ll just be more careful next time, and definitely not buying anything without reviews!

See you next time!


4 thoughts on “Sheinside (Shein) Review

  1. Thanks! It’s even better in real life! I was thinking that maybe I didn’t share the best photo but I’m really happy you could see how good it is! 😀

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