Online Shopping, to do or not to do?!

I was here just thinking what should I write next, and it came to my mind that I should write about something that I’m very good at, and something that I do a lot! There’s tons of things that I’m very good at, and I do a lot, it’s not just this, FYI. So, I’m going to write about online shopping and share with you my fantastic skills! So let’s start this…

1) Always look for reviews online- when you find a new site you have too know if it’s trustworthy, shipping time and costs, products quality, etc, after all, it’s your money and there are many shady people out there.

2) Never buy anything that hasn’t been reviewed- I’ve done this, as you can see in my Sheinside review, and the only time I’ve bought anything without reviews, was when it failed. I thought, ‘how can it fail?! It’s a sweater!’, and this was my mistake, because, Oh Lord, it failed!

3) Beware of extras- I know, I know, sometimes we just get swooped by all the fantastical cheap prices we see, and we catch the fever. So in a heartbeat, we have like 100€ in our cart, and we think ‘Maybe it’s a bit pricey, but I’ve got so much stuff that I’ll buy it anyway!’. And then we press the ‘checkout’ button, and the shipping costs are added, and it almost doubles the price, but it’s too late, we’ve got the fever already, and no one is going to stop us. So we order it anyways, not minding that we’ve just bought a lot of junk at the price of better quality products, due to shipping costs. And this leads me to another topic…

4) Don’t buy in big quantity- unless you already know the site. With this I mean, when you are going to try a new site, you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Bis orders lead to big fails. There are more chances that your items will get lost, or they send you the wrong product, or the products are uma merda, and you just spent a shitload of money in trash. You might as well have burned it, because the returning processes and fees are, most of the time, too complicated and demanding to even try.

5) Ladies, don’t give them everything- with this I mean, give them the less information you can when making a purchase, you don’t need to give them your social security number, and birth date. Just share the least information possible, you never now who’s in the other side, and someone can steal your identity. You don’t want some random bitch staining your name!

6) Always check your account- I mean, sometimes I go on buying random stuff and later, when I’m trying to understand where all the money went, I don’t remember everything. With this, I could, very well, be charged two times and not knowing! Please, don’t be like me.

7) Remember, it takes time- if you have some special event, and you want your order to arrive on time, you have to order it in advance. Usually, if it’s a site based in Asia, it takes some time, especially if you’re a cheap bastard like me, and always go for the standard shipping. In my experience, it takes around a month.

8) For all my parsimonious bitch out there- this sites will always send you special coupons and other offers to your e-mail if you subscribe their newsletter. And sometimes you can save a lot with this! Just don’t let it get to your head and overspend because you HAVE A COUPON!

9) Think about it- my last advice to you is not to purchase anything in the heat of the moment. That’s what this sites want, they get to you with their cute photos and cheap prices, and you pick everything because, omgit’ssocheap!, and when you know it, you’ve got nose shrinkers, and false eyelashes made of bamboo, and garbage bags that will reduce your thighs, and when they get to you they don’t do any of this things, and you just spent all your food money! You’ve to make sure that it’ll work for you, check swatches for makeup, try-ons for clothes, check your measures and the clothing measurement in the site. I’ve never ordered something without thinking about it for days. And you don’t need to shrink your nose, you’re beautiful that way!

I always follow this tips when I’m purchasing something online, and there was not one time that I’ve regreted buying something, except that green sweater, WHY?! We could’ve been so happy! wether it’s makeup, jewellery, or clothes. With this said, there are some great deals waiting for us out there, so I’m all for online shopping, just have to be careful and not believe in everything you see, because if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Good shopping everyone!


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