Hello! Today, I’m sharing with you my products from Makeup Revolution, as well as my experience with this items.

aa copy.jpg

First let me introduce you to this brand. It’s a London based company, that’s been launched in 2014, acording to their site “delivering revolutionary performance and quality, in every product at revolutionary prices. Made with the finest ingredients, the range starts at an amazing £1.00, with a range of professional and must have products with limited edition collections – you can finally afford them all!”.

So they’re promising low price products with great quality! Isn’t that what we all want?! Let’s see how it goes…

1) Ultra Face Base Primer

The first thing I have to say about this primer is it feels very light, very silky, it feels almost oily when you apply it, but when it dries it leaves you with a very soft touch in your skin. It’s not oily, but it’s not matte either, it’s a nice in the middle, and definitely reduces your pores.

IMG_4971 (2).JPG

My perfect #nomakeup skin!

I like this primer a lot, it does what it promises, it’s not heavy, reduces your pores and evens out your skin, creating a great surface for your makeup. I bought it for 6,45€, wich is a great price! Would recomend it for sure!

2) The One Blush Stick

b blush.JPG

Ok, this is a blush but I bought it to use it as a contouring stick, and I love it. It was the first product I’ve ever bought from this brand and it works perfectly. As a stick it’s very easy to apply, it blends out easily, and gives you that nice tan colour. Again, the price is amazing. I bought it for only 3,59€.

This is how it goes on the skin. I’m not a makeup artist, (and my boyfriend is not a photographer) so it might not be perfect, but I think you can understand how it works. 😛

3) Redemption Palette

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Makeup Revolution has so many eyeshadow palettes that it can easily turn into an addiction, you just keep buying one after another. For now, I’ve only bought this two, but I will definitely buy more. The eyeshadows are pigmented, almost every eyeshadow is easy to blend, and above all, they have some beautiful colours. I find that some of the shimmer colours are a bit hard, but the others eBefore I knew this brand I didn’t even care about eyeshadows. Now, I’m lost. Another great product. Price was 4,95€ for each one.

4) Pure Black Heart Eyeshadow Collection


This is a colection of 6 individual eyeshadows, they are all matte and I only bought them because I wanted some nude colours, since they’re what I use almost everyday. Once again, great eyeshadows, and this collection was only 7,45€.

5) Awesome Metals Eye Foils – Rose Gold

Now, this eyeshadow is something else. I bought this one for New Years Eve, (and I don’t usually go for this gold and flashy things), because I wanted to try something new. You know how it goes… When I tried it, holly cow. I just fell in love. It came with a mixing tray and a liquid primer, so you mix the eyeshadow and voilá. It comes off like a liquid metal and it has the most beautiful finish. I really loved this, and can’t wait to have an excuse to try it again! (I think I just did this review to use it)

The price was 4,95€.

6)  Amazing Lipliner – Baby Pink ;  The One  ; Rebel

IMG_4942.JPG Lipliners, you never have enough… or you do! Currently this are the only lipliners I have, and I don’t use them that much since I usualy apply my lipstick with a lipbrush. But I bought them anyway, they are good quality, and they are cheap, no damage done. Except the baby pink, that one just looks like chalk in your lips, but I kept it anyway, you never know, it may become a new trend!

The price was 1,45€ each.

7) Spray Makeup Fixer Pro Fix Oil Control


I’ll be honest, I just bought this to try it, but I never did. I mean I sprayed it in my face, obviously, and I can tell you all about that. Was a nice mist, smells like hand disinfectant, but only when you spray it, the smell quickly vanishes, dries fast, and it sets your makeup. But when I say I didn’t try it, I mean I didn’t take it for a proper ride, wich means that I didn’t wear it long enough to know if it does help to keep the oil away and to prolong the wear of your makeup. My first impression is ok, but I’ll have to tell you the rest later! Price 6,45€.


So my first review/haul on makeup is done! I’ll definitelly bue more products from them, and I promise I’ll share with you! Hope you liked it and it was as good for you as it was for me! Ah! Any question you just have to ask! Thank you for reading! ❤


P.S. I forgot to review the concealer brush, but I’m coming back because I’ve to tell you about it. It’s awful. I should’ve throw it in the garbage already, but I’m a hoarder. It’s to hard, it hurts my skin. Didn’t like at all. Even the concealer brush I bought from Pimark is better. Just to warn you! Bye! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Review / Haul

  1. I definitely recomend them! They’re awesome! My next purchase will be the New-Trals vs Neutrals palette! I think it’s just gourgeous! Thank you for comenting and reading! Xoxo


  2. Hi what colour is that blush stick please? I need to try lol. Also if you are thinking of an eyeshadow palette from their collection, you must try the ultra eyeshadows flawless palette! You won’t be disappointed, I promise you Hun x

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  3. Hi,
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger. I was his featured blogger too.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a writing tip or two. That’s what I write about.

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