Kiko Face Makeup Review

Since Kiko arrived in Portugal, it became almost an obsession of mine. I’ve tried a lot of their products, and most of the times I was more than satisfied with the results.

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Kiko’s an italian makeup brand, with affordable prices, but with a better quality than your normal drugstore products, (they promise you professional quality). So I will review all their products that I’ve already tried. Let’s go people!

1) Skin Tone Corrector Primer – Green

b primer

First primer I’ve ever tried, and I really like it. They have other colours, like orange, and I watn to try them too. I have a lot of red areas in my face, mostly on my cheeks, so this primer is great to even out my skin tone before I apply any makeup. It makes your makeup last longer and look better.

Price: 9,90 €

2) Mat Mousse Foundation – 06 Creamy Beige


Ok, this foundation is for extremelly oily skin, and I mean EXTREMELLY! It’s a great foundation, I love it’s texture because it’s not liquid at all, it’s more like it says, a mousse, and I bought it because I always had oily skin. This mousse does let your skin matte, and not shinny at all, but it does show if you have the tinniest dry skin, so if you have mixed skin, this is not your friend. It does have a great coverage, and after all I really liked it. Currently, is the only foundation I own, and I’m not concerned in getting another one, because I don’t use foundation that much.

Price: 12,90 € / 6,40 € on sale

3) Soft Focus Compact Wet & Dry Mineral Foundation – 08

I bought this one by mistake, I really just wanted to buy a setting powder, and this was on sale, and it looked good, so I tried it. Actually, it’s a foundation, with medium coverage, so it can give you a very natural look, but you can use more than one layer for more coverage. I really loved it, and I wanted to buy more than one, but it sold out quickly! I use it as a setting powder too. Couldn’t be more happy with this multi-use foundation thing! 😀

Price: 12,50 € / 6,20 € on sale

4) Skin Evolution Concealer – 01 Natural Pink

b corrector.JPG

I really like this concealer. It’s smooth and it blends very well, it gives you great coverage, and it easy to work. As you could see in my Makeup Revolution Review, I love working with products that come in a stick. It gives you more control when you want to apply the product only in a certain area, and I find it more practical. When I buy this, I always buy it in pairs, because it’s a staple. I’ll always use it.

Price: 5,50 €

5) Soft Focus Concealer

I no longer have this concealer, as you can see, it’s a soft focus concealer/highlighter, it’s both of them but it does not fully commite. With me, this doesn’t work. Either it is or it isn’t. And I didn’t like it because I didn’t see it working. As a concealer it didn’t conceal, and as highlighter it didn’t highlight that much! So what did I need it for? You guessed it, nothing!

Now I feel bad because I’m being to harsh on this poor fellow. Maybe it was me who didn’t know how to use it. I imagine it would work for someone who just wanted a touch of something, but for me it wasn’t working. Maybe I’ll repurchase it later to give it another chance… Maybe.

Price: 7,50 € (after seeing how much it cost I decided that after all I wasn’t being to harsh!)

6) Rebel Bouncy Blush – 03 Treasure Rose

Now, this baby had me just for the packaging. I just loved it, it’s so pretty, and golden… I was looking for a blush, and this was on sale (story of my life), and I really liked the colour, it’s a dark rose, and I thought this kind of colours always work for my skin tone. Another thing that caught my attention, was that it has a different texture, that acording with the kiko’s site “provide excellent coverage and a professional-level look”. It gives you a natural and matte look (wich is what I was looking for). I’m really happy with this blush!

Price: 9,90 €/ 4,90 € on sale

7) Concave Foundation Brush- Face 107

b pincel

This was the brush I bought with the mousse foundation. It’s great, you just put the foundation in the center of the brush, and you spread it in your face, giving you a “a smooth, even finish and a high-definition make-up effect”, acordingly to what it says on the site. I do like it, and it works really well for me, I’ve tried it with different foundations and its a great brush.

Price: 12,90 €


Since I do like to show you everything, I’ll let you see how every products work on my face! Once again, I’m not a makeup artist, I’m just a regular girl playing with makeup and finding out what works and doesn’t work for me! 🙂

In this photos you can see how I transform myself into a normal human being use my products. First picture is just my natural beauty, then I applied the primer, then the mousse foundation, and in the fourth picture I powdered my face with the Soft Focus Compact Wet & Dry Mineral Foundation and used the Rebel Bouncy Blush. Last picture, I just put on some mascara and did a little contouring with the Makeup Revolution Blush Malibu, wich I reviewed previously, just because I wanted to! 😛


So this is my review on Kiko face products that I’ve tried so far. I want to review everything I own from Kiko, but it’s so much stuff that I decided to do it by phases. So far I’ve reviewed their nail polishes (I love them), and now I’ve added their face makeup to the list! Next post, their lip makeup, lipsticks, lipglosses, lipliners!


Just a sneak peek of what’s to come! (I almost feel sorry for the pink one, my favorite as you can see!)

Hope you liked it! Xoxo


15 thoughts on “Kiko Face Makeup Review

  1. That makes us two! 😛
    Yes I have, I love the Soft Focus Compact Wet & Dry Mineral Foundation, it really is a dream, and their Velvet Mat – Satin Lipstick, the ones in the picture. I love them. In the next post I’m going to review all my lipsticks from them. But for me, this are the best. 😀

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  2. I’m sure they will expand! I just checked their site and they don’t ship to India yet, but you can subscribe, so as soon they’ll do ship you’ll be notified! 🙂

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