Every woman changes hairstyles across her life. From time to time, you need some change in your life, and nothing better than a change of hair! I must admit, I don’t change my hair that often, but I’m getting more adventurous for sure! So I decided to share with you my hair change in the last years, and maybe you can help me to decide what to do next!

1)  My Natural Hair

So this is my natural hair. As you can see it is a brown medium (?), it’s not very dark but it’s not light either. This photos are of the same year, 2013, but as you can see by my skin, first one was taken on Winter, seconde one, Summer. And my hair went lighter. But I decided to go even more lighter…

2) My Hairmade Ombré

So I decided I wanted to go blond, but not totally, and ombré was blowing up here, so I decided, ok, let’s do it. I bought the L’Oreal kit and I did myself at home. I was happy with the results for a while, so through 2013 and 2014, you could see me rocking my long ombré hair around!

3) My Long Hair

So this ones are from 2014, the year I decided I wanted my hair as long as possible, and I didn’t really cut it. It was pretty, now looking back, I can see it suited me, but I was tired of all the work I had to maintain my hair, and it was before I discovered dry shampoo, so I washed my hair everyday! And you know that when you have long hair, it seems that you shed a lot more hair, and I hate that mess. I got tired of it so…

4) Meet my Bob


So I decided to do a bob! I almost had to force the hairdresser to cut my hair, because she was like, “Oh no! Your hair is so long, if I cut it you’ll regret it!”, and I was, “Please, just do it!”. And I was so happy with it! I felt so sophisticated, confident, it was an empowering moment for me!


But since, I didn’t change my hair. I didn’t keep the Bob, now it’s more kind of long bob, but I’m getting tired of it, and I think it’s time to change again. So tell me, do you have a favorite hairstyle or haircolour right now? I need ideas people! Coment bellow!


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