Hello hello! Today I bring you the Liebster Award, which is an award that helps to discover recent blogs, with less than 3000 followers, easilly my case! The main goal of this award is to share and connect new blogs, and put us, new fishes, out there, in this big, exciting ocean that is the blogosphere!


Here are the rules for this award, in case you’re interested:

Post the award on your blog.
Thank the blogger who gave you this award and link back to their blog.
Answer 11 questions given by your presenter.
Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award, remember under 3k subs.

Well, even if it wasn’t in the rules, I would always thank the lovely blogger that nominated me, Elisha Jane, who writes a fantastic blog, and deserves way more than 3000 followers! The blog is ELISHAJAYNE, and you should go see it, after you read my post of course! Thank you dear for nominating me!

So, now let’s start answering some questions!

1) Why did you start blogging?

I’ve been asking myself this question since the first day. My immediate response is, I had nothing better to do, but I think I have a more deep reason. I just love getting to know new people from all around the world, and since I started this blog I’ve connected with people from all 5 continents, and that’s so rewarding! And I had nothing better to do!

2) What item, other than a phone, is almost always in your bag?

Easy, lipstick, always. More than one sometimes!

3) What was the naughtiest thing you done as a child?

Well, I think I had a problem has a child, I was a bit clepto. I saw something I liked and I would hide it, but I was always caught, and that made me a very honest adult. I remember being 6, and I was with my mom in a shop, and there was some jeans that had like a golden key holder attached. It was so pretty, so I took the key holder, but my mom found out later, and made me go to the shop return it and apologize. I was mortified! But it was a nice lesson, I don’t steal anything nowadays, quited that path in my childhood! f it wasn’t for this maybe I could be a criminal mastermind today! Or I would suck, and would be in jail right now. Oh, the possibilities!

4) When you open your wardrobe / draws what is the main colour of your clothes?

Easy again, black. It’s a great colour.

5) One thing you would change about yourself?

I wouldn’t be so lazy. And my nose. And my height. Let’s stop please.

6)  Tea or Coffee?

Well, I don’t love neither one, but I drink more tea, so I guess I will have to go with that one.

7)  If you had the chance to learn something totally new, what would it be?

Good one, I would learn how to play some instrument, or to dance, I suck at dance! And I could do it, learn this things. If I wasn’t so lazy… 😛

8) What is your favourite blog post?

I don’t have a favourite one. I love reviews, also stories, and this Q+A too, but I don’t have a favourite one.

9)  Who is your favourite blogger?

Just like the blog posts, I don’t have one favourite yet. I started discovering the blog world recently, when I started my own blog, and only then I started following other blogs. Before I would just google reviews of products I was interested in, and that was my only visits to blogs.

10) What is your getting ready to go out song / playlist?

As I’ve said before, in another Q+A I’ve answered, usually I don’t have getting ready song, I have the “Wendy Williams Show”. Silly program, but I love it.

11)  Where do you see you and your blog 5 years from now?

I honestly don’t know, and that’s the fun part of it. I hope I’m still writing in 5 years, that’s for sure!


So this is it! Hope you enjoyed! I sure did! Thank you again Eli for my nomination! 🙂

My 11 questions are:

1) If you could choose, where would you live?

2) Favourite personality/celebrity?

3) Summer or Winter?

4) One embarrasing experience?

5) Favourite makeup product?

6) Gold or Silver?

7) Favourite Tv Show/ Series/ Movie?

8) Tell us about one special talent you have.

9) Cats or Dogs?

10) Favourite piece of clothing?

11) Describe your perfect lazy day.

Well, this time I’m not nominating anyone. If you kept reading this far you deserve to be part of this chain! So if you have less than 3000 followers feel free to answer my questions! Just link your blog/answers bellow! 🙂


8 thoughts on “THE LIEBSTER AWARD

  1. This is my first visit to your blog, thanks to Blogovin, and it’s a brillant way to discover your “home” . I also appreciate to be connected with people from 5 continents, it’s a great way to learn a lot about people and countries

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  2. Congratulations on winning the award.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger. I was his featured blogger too! Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.

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