Best Surprise of My Life UPDATE


Well, remember this little piece of heaven that my bf gave me? Turns out Sushi is not a girl! It’s a little guy! And his name is Benito now! Nice leash boy!

I love him anyway! But it was an wtf moment when we discovered!

And it wasn’t me or my bf who found out. It was our roommate! He was like: Guys, I think she is a he. I think she has two little balls. And I was like: Wtf, why would you touch my cat’s private parts?! Creepy…

After that I just did what I always do in case of doubt, google it! And after thorough observation I concluded she’s a he. And we went to a vet, who confirmed it!

So we are now the proud “parents” of a baby boy, and he is going to be a beast! He is only 3 months, (celebrated today, Congrats baby!) 2kg, healthy, and the vet says he’s going to be big! And I can say that everyday he seems bigger and bigger! I wish he could stay a baby forever! 😥

Well, this are the news for now, I’ll keep you posted!




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