Hello hello! So this is the last chapter of my big review regarding all KIKO products I own. I’ve done NAILS, FACE, LIPS (my favourite), and last, but not least, here it is, my EYES MAKEUP REVIEW.



b eyebrows gel


Eyebrows have always been important, they’re the frame of our face, but in the past years, they are in the spotlight! The more natural, the better, and for me, this gel has been a great help. Everyday I just brush my eyebrows, put this gel, and I’m done. It stays throughout the day, and is not expensive. Like it a lot. What else do you want from a eyebrow gel?!  😀


2) SUPER COLOUR EYELINER – 103 Brown – EUR 6,95

b eyeliner brown

This is a brown eyeliner, with a felt tip. I rarely use it, because I tend to go for a really simple and natural look everyday, with just some mascara, concealer, and some lipstick. But I really like it, it’s easy to use, the felt tip gives you a nice control over the line. the only problem I see with it is that sometimes it seems that there are some clumps in the tip, and you have to clean it before aply, or it becomes a big mess.


b eyeliner preto.JPG

And another liquid eyeliner! This one is in black, and is a little harder to work with because the tip is so thin, so I don’t recomend it if you want something easy and effortless. I had to struggle with it in the beginning (and I still do sometimes!). It wears for a long time, but it eventually flakes out, and you end up with bites of it in your eyelashes! Not a terrible one, it does its job. You can see photos below, of me wearing it!

4) Double GLAM  EYELINER – Gold and Purple – I don’t remember the price

b eyeliner

This is one old as f* eyeliner pencil, of a limited edition colection, and as you can see I really liked the purple end! It as a nice pigmentation, and I use the gold tip just as a highlight in the eyes. Recently, I ‘discovered’ I have hooded eyes, so I’m not as crazy for eyeliner as I used to be, but I really liked this one.

5) ULTRA TECH mascara – EUR 7,20

b mascara.JPG

KIKO’s mascaras… I don’t like them, but I always end up buying more. This one I hated it at first, but I got used to it, but it’s not by far one of my favourites. I find it hard to use, I have to clean the excess from the aplicator before use it, or it will be one big clumpy mess. I got this one, and also a similar but Waterproof. The Waterproof was awful. Even if I cleaned the excess from the wand, it always left my eyelashes clumpy. I don’t intend to buy any other mascara from KIKO. But if you have a different experience, feel free to share! 🙂

6) Eyeshadows


I don’t have a lot of their eyeshadows, but the ones I tried, I loved! Especially the nude one (222) and the orange (207). They have great pigmentation and colour, and are super easy to work, very soft, and not chalky at all. They are at EUR 1,40, on sale currently, and for this price, you can hardly find better!

And to end this review I’l leave you with some photos, as usual!

As you can see, the Black eyeliner crumbles away pretty fast, it wasn’t even one hour, and it already looked bad.



As for the eyeshadows, they are my favourites. They are really pigmented and easy to work with. Really like them!

Have you tried any of this products?

Did you liked them?

Share your opinion down below!




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