My COLOURPOP Liquid Lipsticks DRAMA

Hello mes amis!

As you may have noticed, I’m a big fan of lipsticks, and lately I’ve been obsessed, as the rest of the world, with liquid lipsticks!

And online, when you search for liquid lipsticks, it’s impossible not to stumble across the famous liquid lipsticks from COLOURPOP, which as happened to me!

So, around November, I think it was in the Ciber Day or something, the site was with huge discounts on everything, and of course I didn’t resist to temptation! After hours watching swatches and reviews on YOUTUBE, I made a BIG, BIG, order.

It was a total of twenty five individual liquid lipsticks! TWENTY FIVE! It was really crazy, but I was so hypped up, that I made the order. The next day, after I slept on it, I realized that I didn’t need that much lipsticks, so I e-mailed them, trying to change my order. This was my order:

Man Eater × 1
Knotty × 1
Wild Nothing × 1
Perky × 1
Avenue × 1
Creeper × 1
Zipper × 1
Tulle × 1
Trap × 1
Solow × 1
Midi × 1
LAX × 1
Bad Habit × 1
Up and Away × 1
Out and About × 1
Can You Knot × 1
Just Peachy × 1

They responded super quickly saying that they can’t do that type of changes, apologizing, etc., etc., and I was like: OK, that’s my own fault, you should know better!

So they shipped my order in December 6, which was pretty quick, and a week later, I think, I tracked the order, and it was already on Customs Clearence, in my own city!

I was really happy, as you can imagine! When I ordered something from China, or that kind of websites, it took months! And in a matter of weeks, my babies were in the same place as me! I could already smell them! 😂

But I was so terribly WRONG!

First of all, it was Christmas time, which means, that Customs don’t get late, they fully stop, because for the whole month I tried e-mail them, phone call, and not a answer. And my package was there, quietly waiting for someone or something that I don’t even know what!

As I said, I e-mailed Customs, and called their Customer Services, I didn’t get any information. Until they responded at December 29, saying that my package had been selected for verification, and I should wait for any more informations.

The information came one week later, January 6, one month after my package arrived at my country, saying that I should e-mail them some documents, so they could clear my order, and deliver it. I did it instantly, I was like Fast and Furious, scanning documents and proofs of payment, and e-mailing them all this, so hopefully they would just give me my order!

But it wasn’t over! Oh no! 😡

One week later!, January 12, they e-mailed me that my documents had been resend to analysis! One week later! I mean, you should have done that and responded me this in the same day! Not one week later! It’s just ridiculous! One week to forward an e-mail!

After this, I didn’t heard of them again. They didn’t said if my order was already processed, if it would be delivered, not a simple F*U SUCKER!, for waiting more than a month! I e-mailed them again, called to their Customers Services, and they were always saying I had to wait, and it would be delivered next week, or next day, or some day. I lost all my hopes to be honest.

It was the most frustrating feeling in my life.

And then, on January 29, I received another e-mail from this examples of professionalism and efficiency, saying that my order was being returned to sender.

This was the moment I was like: Hold on Bitch, WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY RETURNED TO SENDER?!

After almost two months, waiting for a response, you say you are returning my precious order?! And it was not because of the monetary value, it could be some tissue papers, but what they were doing was just ridiculous. I just wrote a 1000 words rant about all the misinformation they gave me, with dates and RECEIPTS!, on the spot.

The only response I got was that someone tried to deliver the package, and couldn’t. Why  did this genious didn’t left any notice?! I mean, after months of calls and e-mails, couldn’t they just say I could pick my order in some post or something?! No, it was easier and cheaper to just return it to the United States. Really…

After this, they said they would forward my big ass e-mail RANT to their Complaint Department, but I got the same exact response as before.

By this time I was already defeated. I had resigned and accepted that I wouldn’t have my Colourpop Lipsticks and they would be returned.

After all this Drama, Colourpop received my package and gave me a full refund, and I gotta say, they were vey fast and professional!

And you know what?! I just ordered from them again! I know, I must be crazy… But I really have to try this famous liquid lipsticks, and to know if they’re all that! But this time, I ordered a lot less, so hopefully, it will not be detained at Customs again…! Let’s hope!

Well, this was my Rant, and to end it, F*U National Post Office .l. !! Sorry, I just had to let it out of my system!

And beware, Colourpop Review is coming…! 😁

What about you? Did you try any of their lipsticks?! Or did you had an awfull experience with the Post Offices as mine?!


Thank you for reading this,






2 thoughts on “My COLOURPOP Liquid Lipsticks DRAMA

  1. Yeah, it was very annoying and a massive turn off. And now, after doing a new order, it is already stuck in Customs Clearance, so I don’t know if it will happen again. :/
    Thanks for reading! 🙂


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