My First Time in STOCKHOLM

Hello everyone!

When I created this blog, I wanted to write about my life, or just share my experiences, and treat this, as if it was my real diary. Latelly, all I’ve been posting is makeup related posts, which I love to do, but there’s more I want to share.

And today, I’ll be sharing with you, something I’ve always planned to. My travels.

I never wrote any post about this topic, so I don’t know how it works, or what people want to know most, but I think the visuals is what helps us the most. So this post will be almost only Photos! Well, lets’ go then!

I stayed in Lidingö, so everyday, we would take a walk, and cross the bridge to Stockholm. The architecture and surroundings are so different from Portugal, I was fascinated, because it almost seemed we were in a Christmas movie! But I must say, I found it very strange that the windows didn’t have any type of curtains or something, I couldn’t live like that. I would always be terrified that some creepy guy would be watching! But I found that to be very interesting, how everyone was so relaxed.

And if I found the “suburbs” charming, the city was beautiful. I didn’t knew anything about Sweden, besides it was cold. But this trip made me fell in love with the country, or with Stockholm at least! 😛

I saw a lot of Museums, sorry, it was 5 years ago, and I don’t remember all the names, but I know I saw Vasa Museum, Nordiska, and another one who had a lot of Vikings related expositions. The picture of the skeletons, is from this last one that I don’t remember the name, but I will never forget this, because this two skeletons were found like this, buried facing eachother, and I found that so touching. (Morbid, I know! But I loved it) 😛

I spent there five days, and then I went to Helsinki, Finland, by boat, but that trip, I’ll share with you later!

I really adored the city, it was very beautiful, and I even think the cold helped with my skin! I remember it was very clean! 😀

I’m definitelly going to be back to Stockholm as soon as I have the chance! It will always be in my heart!


And here’s a treat! It’s called Prinsesstårta, Princess Cake, and it’s my favourite dessert! NHAAAM

Well, hope you’ve enjoyed, if not the text, at least the photos! 😛

Thanks for reading,


7 thoughts on “My First Time in STOCKHOLM

  1. Hello Sofia,
    thank you for your post. I think about to plan a trip to Scandinavia, too. And your post helps me a lot for this. It looks like how i have imagine….but you wtite than you start this blog not for travel at first…i am interesting because i do it for the same reason. In me you get a new follower and i am curious what come’s. With best wishes!

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  2. Thank you, I’m very happy that you liked this post and that I could help! I started this blog to write about everything that I’m interested about, and to share my experiences, but with time I felt that I was focusing a lot in beauty, but I’m not a beauty expert by any means. I’ll share more about my traveling experiences. And thank you for your follow! Xx

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  3. When I was there, by the end of March, it was a bit cold, and sometimes it rained, but some warm clothes, and a nice jacket, and it was fine! As I was walking everywhere I was keeping warm! And I do prefer the cold to hot. 😛
    It’s a great place to visit. Really liked it.

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