PRIMARK “DUSK” Eyeshadow Pallet

Hello mes amis!

I know I just reviewed a Primark Highlighter Pallet,  but I bought this eyeshadow pallet some time ago,  and I have some thoughts and opinions that I need to share with you…


First, I don’t remember how long ago I bought this pallet, some months maybe?, but I’ve used it a lot. It was one of those times, that I was looking at their beauty products, and I just loved the shades, the combination is very cute, and I loved the orange and the magenta shades. So I just bought it to try, I mean, it was only 2.50 Euros, it was very very cheap. Of course the pigmentation is not crazy, but it’s just a fun pallet to try out the colours, and try new looks. I’m not a makeup artist, so I don’t need a huge collection of high-end pallets. And if one day I really love one, and it has all the shades I need, I’ll buy it. Until then, I’ll stick with my KIKO ones, who I think for the price, are the best eyeshadows I’ve tried.

So, onto the Primark eyeshadows. As I said, the pigmentation is not strong, but odly, the colours came stronger in my eyes, as the swatches in my arm were very weak.

For instance, the first colour, the white one, barelly showed in my arm, but in my eyes, it popped a lot! Maybe it’s because I have very pale arms! 😛

As you can see by the swatches, I think the best shades are the middle ones. They are my favourite, because they are very warm, and they have the best pigmentation. I don’t understand if they are matte or shimmer. When I swatche them, they come off as mattes, but in the pan, they show some small glitter I think. But I do like that they don’t show this glitters in the eyes. I’m a matte lover! 😛

This shades don’t have any type of smell, and I do use them a lot, especially the orange in my crease, just to pop some colour in my everyday look. I even have been using this pallet more than my Makeup Revolution ones!

All in all, I did like it, as I wasn’t expecting a crazy quality, so I was pleasantly surprised with it! And after this, I’m really considering to try some more of their beauty products, as they’re so inexpensive, and sometimes they’re really nice!

Except their HAIR CHALK SPRAY, stay away please! For you Life! 😛

What do you think about Primark’s beaty products? Do you have any favourite? Please share it with me down below! 😀

Thank you for reading,


7 thoughts on “PRIMARK “DUSK” Eyeshadow Pallet

  1. Definitely. I was very skeptical at first, but I’m going to try more products for sure. If they suck, at least they’re cheap, so no great loss there! And if they’re good, better! 😛 Xx

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