Colourpop ULTRA SATIN Liquid Lipstick Review/Swatch

Hello mes amis!

Finally, I received my Colourpop order, and this means I’ve spent the last days swatching and trying new lippies! (Heaven!)

So, stay with me to find out what I think about this babies!


First of all, in this order I got 6 Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks, and 6 Ultra Matte. It wasn’t on purpose, it just happened! I’ll start by telling you all about the Ultra Satin!

The packaging is the same for all their liquid lipsticks, except the ones that are from special colections, and feel sturdy and cute.

The Ultra Satin gives you a satin finish (duh), semi-matte, and feel so comfortable in the lips! They’re not drying at all, but they have a good staying power. They are not supposed to be longlasting and non-transferring, as the matte ones! 

This said, let’s leave the chit-chat, and let’s jump into the good stuff!

Magic Wand



Bare Necessities











As you can see, Magic Wand, Chandelier and Bare Necessities are more colourful shades, more Spring/Summer, and I just wanted to try them, because I tend to go more to nudes/mauves. Magic Wand is a peachy nude colour and Chandelier is more of a salmon, and I do like them, but I won’t wear them on a daily base. Bare Necessities is a peachy nude too, but I thought I was buying a nude pink colour. But I like them, I like how they wear, and the pigmentation is fantastic for just one swipe.



Dopey and Calypso are my favourite shades, for sure! I tend to always go for this types of colours, but I just love them, and it’s never enough!

Dopey is a mauvey pink, and Calypso is a muted pink (I guess). They are very wearable, look great with everything, for me, they’re must-haves, and I’ll be wearing them regularly.

Baracuda is a brick red, I didn’t have nothing like this, and I think it’ll be a great colour for Autumn/Winter. Can’t wait for it to be back! Oh cold, come back!

I won’t do a wear test, because this are very smooth, they have Satin finish, so longlasting is not their aim. I’ll save it for the Ultra Matte!

To finish this review, I love this formula and the finish. They last a lot, the pigmentation is great, all this photos were just one swipe, and they don’t crease or dry my lips, but have a lovely semi-matte finish! I love them!

I think that for the price point, the Satin ones are one of the best liquid lippies out there!

Next, I’ll review the Ultra Matte I own! So, stay tuned people!!

And what about you? Have you ever tried the Ultra Satin from Colourpop?

Leave your thoughts down below, and thank you for reading!


3 thoughts on “Colourpop ULTRA SATIN Liquid Lipstick Review/Swatch

  1. Magic Wand, Dopey, and Calypso are all on my to-buy list! They look super amazing on you!! ❤ I'm with you; I love these Ultra Satins too!!! They're just simply impeccable. 🙂

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