Liquid Lipstick Review – Primark’s Lip Kit

Hey beautiful people!

The Lip Kit craze as finally hit Primark, and I just couldn’t resist! I bought Primark’s Lip Kit Cookie Dough (what a fun name), and I’ll be sharing everything about it with you! Just stay tuned!

This Lip Kit comes with the lip pencil, and the liquid lipstick and was 4 Euros, which is the price of rain. The outer packaging feels very cheap, but the liquid lipstick is a lot better. It has some weight, the lettering doesn’t come off, and I like that the tube is matte all over. The colour of the tube tries to be the same as the shade of the lipstick, but it fails! The aplicator, is a standard doe foot, it’s a bit small, which I like, because it’s easier to be precise.

Here are some swatches:


As you can see it comes off like a very peachy shade. When I saw the name, Cookie Dough, and the packaging, I was expecting a more brown based nude, but in the Lip Kit outer package, it has the lip colour. My fault, I should’ve payed more atention! But in my defense, this doesn’t look like any cookie dough I’ve seen!


This lipstick is more on the creamy side when applying, which I enjoy very much, and doesn’t have any smell. When it dries, it goes matte right away, and is comfortable on the lips. It feels almost powdery, but in a good way. It’s a bit dry, but nothing overwhelming!

You can see in the photo down below, the lipstick does settle on the fine lines of my lips, but nothing to noticeable. I can live with this.

The pigmentation is great, one swipe, with or without the lip pencil, and I’m good to go! Primark, you’re doing your homework!


All in all, I think I won’t be wearing this lipstick a lot, but just because of the shade. It dries to a pretty peachy nude, but peaches where never my colours, no matter how hard I tried, because I do love this range of shades. And this leads me to my next point. Primark, why do a Lip Kit, and only do it in 2 shades?!

I really liked this product, I really thought it was going to suck, but in the end I did enjoy everything, except the shade. So, Primark, I’m giving you a chance to amend yourself, you have 24 hours to launch more shades, I’m expecting at least a pretty pink mauve (as if I don’t own enough of them). Just give me a call when it’s available!

Passing this shade drama, I really liked this kit, and if you want to try a peachy shade, to see if it suits you, you could start with this lip kit. It’s inexpensive, and the wear is pretty good. I’m not going to say is the same as trying a more expensive brand, but I can’t find any big flaws either, and I was pleasantly surprised in the end! It compares to my Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks, but it’s not as drying, and doesn’t crumble or cracks as some of them do. I don’t know how long it wears yet, but I’ll keep you posted! Maybe an update if you’de like! Just ask! 🙂

That’s all I have to say about this Primark Lip Kit, just 2 shades ain’t enough darling! We want more! But I really liked the formula, and the price was on point!

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed! ❤


5 thoughts on “Liquid Lipstick Review – Primark’s Lip Kit

  1. Yes, they stay put! I really liked this one! Primark should launch more shades! I tried two liquid lipsticks, that didn’t came in a kit, and really liked them too! Got to review them! 😀

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  2. Hey girl ! 😀
    I was really happy to see your post – anything about Primark beauty I’ll read hahaha ! You’ll be really happy to know that indeed Primark has released more Lip Kit shades (at least five to my knowledge) – I’ve written a post about three of them and I’ve seen on Instagram that more shades have been released lately – Can’t wait to get my hands on them ! I love the colors, the texture, the lipliners too… Everything about them I love ! And it’s so much cheaper than having to get ColourPop or Kylie shipped to me (I live in France !) too…
    You should check out these new shades : Primark PS… | Lip Kits Matte Collection – Riot, Punked, Lady in Red 🙂
    Thanks so much for your review ! Peach is not my color either so I don’t think I’ll get this one any time soon ! But any bright colors I’ll get ! 😀
    Tissam x | Tissam Est La


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