Makeup Exchange – trying Asian Products

Hello mon petits!

Some time ago, I got to know Pinkie Jann from Bling Me Up, (fantastic blogger and such a sweet person!) and we decided to make a Makeup Exchange: I would send her some products from Europe, and she would send me some products from Asia!

Well, I’ve received my products, and it’s time to share them!


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LIEBSTER AWARD (Q+A Plus 11 Facts about Me)

Hello friends and family! ❤

Today I bring you another Liebster Award post (here’s the first one) so that you can get to know a little more about me!

I’ve been nominated by The Blogging Brunette, thank you dear!, and please make sure to check her lovely blog! ❤

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Okay, there are three types of Portuguese People right now:

  • The ones that spent the day cheering the Pope in Fátima.
  • The ones who are now celebrating in Marquês de Pombal, because Benfica won the championship for the fourth year in a row today.
  • And the ones who spent the last 4 hours rooting for Salvador Sobral in 2017 Eurovision.

I’m the last type of Portuguese.

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