My favourite products from KIKO are, without a doubt, LIPSTICKS. I try a new lipstick from them at least once a month. They are cheap, they have great quality (most of the time), and the packaging is always so elegant and appealing. I can’t resist them! Therefore, I decided to share with you my ridiculous lip products collection from KIKO, and I will even try them out so you can see how it works. Hope you enjoy, I’m sure I will!


I just love this line of lipsticks, I’m really considering buying all 15 colours. They are very smooth, easy to apply on your lips, and most of all, they have great pigmentation, even the nudes. With just one stroke, the colour stays perfectly, I don’t even have to use lip pencil with this babies. They are not drying at all, and have a beautiful satin finish, they are not totally matte, they have some light, but are not shinny at all. They last 6 hours easilly without having to touch up. I have to say they are my number 1 lipsticks.



I didn’t notice this ones until one friend of my told me how great they were. So I decided to give it a shot, and I loved them. This are a two coat lipstick, that are suposed to last 10 hours, and believe me, they really do. You put this on your lips, and it doesn’t come out. You can eat, drink, kiss, anything, that they will stay with you. Even when I’m taking my makeup out, this thing doesn’t come out easilly. Usually I just use the first coat because I really love matte lipsticks, and the first coat is a really beautiful matte liquid lipstick. For now I just bought nude shades, and they are perfect, (except that golden one, it sucks), but I’m considering to buy some more shades.



500 Shell Rose

I bought this one because I was on a demand to find a perfect nude, so I was buying nude lipsticks like crazy, and decided to try this one. Is not my favourite, because it really is creamy and as a shinny finish, which I don’t like for me. But I do think this lipstick as a great quality and it works really well.

C 500



“Colourful and creamy twist-up lipstick. The creamy, enveloping texture sinks into the lips, leaving them soft and smooth. The lipstick awakens the senses, leaving your lips feeling wonderful.

The product glides on effortlessly and the colour is revealed immediately. Each stroke defines the lips well and doesn’t smudge.

The twist-up lipstick has a small tip that allows you to easily and precisely outline the lip contour.” This is what it says in the site, and I have nothing more to add. It is a great lipstick, it has a great smell, and it gives a great soft feeling to my lips. I think it’s a perfect lipstick to use in my day-to-day base, because it’s so easy to use. They are very pigmented and the colour stays with one glide, except the lighter one. It shows each crease in your lips, making it the worst from the four.


This glosses were on sale, and I’ve tried so many lipsticks from KIKO, that I decided to try the glosses too. I picked “matte” colours, and I think they’re beautiful, especially for Summer. They have a glossy finish, but they don’t feel sticky. They are great glosses, but glosses are not my thing. The only one I don’t like is the darker one, Rhododendron Pink, because it’s transparent.


This lipsticks to me are just like the creamy lipstick in my opinion. They have good coverage, but show the imperfections of your lips very easily, which means that to look good you have to put extra work on it. Not my favourite ones for sure. But they have so many colours, and are so cheap, that sometimes you don’t resist.




806 Tangerine

This is a lipstick that looks like a gloss but doesn’t feel like one, gives you a “wet” look without the sticky feel on the lips, wich is great. The colour is beautiful, but I don’t like the sheerness it has. You can apply one time just for shine and a touch of colour, or you can build up for more coverage.

G 806.JPG


IMG_5611 (2)

09 Baby Rose

For me, the biggest fail ever. When I purchased it I was very happy, I tried it immediatly, the colour was beautiful, I applied it in the street effortlessly, and it looked perfect, with a semi-matte look. But then it started to dry, and it started to crease in my lips. In the KIKO site, it states that it lasts until 8 hours in your lips, and I don’t doubt it does, but for that we would have to endure it in our lips for 8 hours, and that’s not happening. It does look beautiful, and matte, but I don’t know, it never worked for me. And it’s really sticky when it starts to dry, like it literally glues your lips together. Didn’t like it.

F 01



IMG_5616 (2)


Beautiful colour, not matte, and a bit tricky to use. You have to be very careful when applying it so it doesn’t move around. Again, not my favourite one. But the packaging and colour are beautiful, they always get me with that!





I liked the colour, as you can see by the cover, I’ve got it for some time, but never used it much. It doesn’t have a great coverage, but it gives you colour and it’s a bit matte. I don’t care very much about this one, is just forgotten in the drawer.






I loved this colour, I was looking for a nude, and it seemed matte in the store when I swatched it. It doesn’t have a great coverage after all, but it works with a lipliner under.




I love this lipliners, they have beautiful colours and are very smooth when applying, and are perfect. Not enough good things to say about them. And are very cheap, I have to add.



And finally we get to the end. It was very fun to do this review, but my lips couldn’t take it anymore!

In conclusion, all their products worked great, and in the end, looking at my photos, I do think they look good. It’s just a matter of what kind of textures you like better, and visuals, etc. They have products for every taste. My favourites are without a doubt the Velvet Mat Lipsticks, the Double Touch Lipstick and the Smart Lip Pencil. The others look good, an most of them are easy to work with, but have not the finish I like.

I have to add that the Unlimited Stylo, is not that bad, and I’m sure there’s someone out there who will love this lipstick, but I really didn’t like the feeling on my lips, although it’s very easy to use, and if you don’t mind the sticky feeling, it’ll look good.

Hope you enjoyed it, and if you have any question just ask below! 🙂


7 thoughts on “KIKO LIPSTICKS Review / Haul

  1. Love your kiko lip products, but actually I am sad to realise how little of their lipsticks or lip glosses I have tried, but you, for sure, made me want to try everything, especially satin lipsticks 🙂

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  2. The Satin Lipsticks are the best, in my opinion. They are super easy to use and always look great, perfect finish. Thanks for your coment! Glad you liked it! 🙂

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  3. I’ve been meaning to try Kiko lipsticks for a long time and I think I’m gonna have to after reading this! All the shades are lovely and you pull them off so well, lovely post xx

    Shelby |

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  4. Oh, thank you so much! I’m so glad that you liked it! They’ve got lipsticks for every taste, so I think you should give them a chance! Xx 😘


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